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Call: 0800 0556760   –  See you up in the canopy!

Call: 0800 0556760



Our highly-skilled and friendly instructors can help everyone (age 6 years and over) to reach new heights.  They will teach you how to enter a tree’s canopy using ropes, knots and karabiners, whilst being securely attached in a harness at all times. 

Climb the tree, reach the top! you will have an adventure which can’t be found on the ground. 

Each session is run for up to 8 people, creating a unique experience. Choose your tree climbing location from our map and then follow the link to book tickets. Sessions last 1 hour.


Have fun with your friends and family, building new skills and confidence in exhilarating surroundings and all while connecting to Nature.  Our highly-skilled and friendly instructors can help everyone (from age 6 years and over) to reach new heights. 

Once at the top of the tree, you will gain an experience which can’t be found on the ground.  It’s a thrill, an adrenaline rush and we all need adventure.  Tree climbers support and encourage one another building teamwork as they trust and rely on each other, testing balance and co-ordination. It builds confidence by taking you out of your comfort zone and encouraging you to challenge yourself. 

Fun Tree Climbing with The Great Big Tree Climbing Co.


High five!

See our FAQs section for information about climbing big trees.  Find answers about access, groups, safety equipment, private event bookings and more..


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Very Happy Climbing In A Giant Beech Tree
Ready, Set, Go! Great teamwork and fun climbing giant trees together
Go up! Safe climbing giant trees with The Great Big Tree Climbing co.
Big smiles in the giant English Oak tree. The Great Big Tree Climbing co.
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Daneshill Prep School
Angus MacDonald

Just wanted to say how absolutely outstanding the instructors were yesterday.  So professional, encouraging and charming to everyone here at school. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.  Hopefully we’ll see you all again in the near future.  Many thanks.

Stanley Park, Alverstoke
Climbing family

We can not thank Kev and Neil at Big Tree Climbing enough for making two days climbing in our park so memorable for so many people. All walks of life, all ages turned up, donned helmets, got harnessed up, looked up, climbed up and never looked back. So many amazing memories made especially for those that high-fived each other while sat on branches 30ft up.

Alex S

Big Tree Climbing is my favourite job and an amazing company for several reasons. Working here gives me a sense of freedom, as if I’m running my own business, while my colleagues are incredibly friendly and supportive. Working beneath towering trees in nature makes me feel alive allowing me to climb to the tree’s peak at any time for a breath taking view and refreshing oxygen from photosynthesis.

Josie Lewis
Wealden Festival

Thank you for sharing your work and skills with us. Thanks to your expertise, we are able to offer immersive activities that can foster a deeper connection with nature and creativity. This hands-on experience of what Wealden is all about is an integral part of the festival, and we’re grateful to you for facilitating that.