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Call: 0800 0556760   –  See you up in the canopy!

Call: 0800 0556760


Eloise Lockwood - Director

T: 0800 0556760
Chaldicott Barns, Tokes Lane, Semley, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9AW

Eloise Lockwood is your contact in our office, happy to help with any of enquiries re:  bookings or queries about The Great Big Tree Climbing Company.

Mum of two keen climbers
At Cliveden House

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much my two daughters enjoyed the tree climbing yesterday at Cliveden.  Your staff were absolutely fantastic, especially with my daughter who has mild autism and she was still able to fully access the activity.  They really enjoyed the day and props to all the staff, but especially Sarah who is very friendly!  Both girls are now so much more confident and want to climb more trees!

Mum of five excited climbers
At Earth Trust, Oxford

Just wanted to say our 5 girls (and Isaac) had a fabulous time at the tree climbing yesterday. Please thank the instructors for us (and apologies for the screeching!!)

Mum of 2 adventurous climbers
At Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire

Thank you for an amazing Bank Holiday Monday tree climb at Larmer Tree Gardens – Chris and Kev were brilliant! The kids (12yrs and 8yrs) and I (a bit older than that!) – thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I think we are officially addicted to it now – hoping to climb again with you very soon!!!”

Fran C
The best bits of working at The Great Big Tree Climbing Company are working alongside a reliable and trustworthy team and seeing the sense of achievement on the climbers faces when they reach the tree canopy. And surely there is no better office than the branch of a beautiful old oak tree?
Nat G
Lead Instructor

Instructing and educating people of all ages with new experiences and skills to climb big trees, that are a challenge, safely and responsibly is very fun and highly rewarding. The excitement and accomplishment when they reach their goal is amazing and a great achievement for all.

Beryl Pratley

Hillier Gardens

Thanks for a great session yesterday. You totally converted our initially scared grand-daughter, and her Dad got to have a go as well, while she plucked up courage.
FYI, it turned out that she was scared at the thought until she saw people coming down again. She hadn’t worked out it was possible to come down, and thought she’d have to stay up there. That’s how the 8 year old mind works!
Best wishes and thanks
Beryl Pratley